Robe Town Moby Dick Ambergris


An exquisitely smooth, sweet and strong amber ale with complex flavours of caramel malt, a musky perfume and flavours of the ocean.

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Robe Town Brewery

Robe, South Australia.

Unique, Marine & Umami Ale  ABV 7.4% 750ml Bottle.

Imperial amber ale flavoured with ambergris 750ml bottles 7.4% a/v , currently available Vintage 2 and Vintage 3

This very special ale has been made with a piece of ambergris found on the beach near Robe. Rare and valuable ambergris originates in the bowels of a sperm whale. After curing in the ocean for decades it is highly prized by the perfume industry for its potent, musky scent. This specialty ale is one to savour and share for special occasions.

Highly prized by the perfume industry, ambergris washes up on the beaches, typically after having cured in the ocean for even decades. We were lucky enough to find a small specimen of this floating gold on a beach near Robe, SA. After discovering that ambergris was used in cooking during medieval times and had even been used to lift flavour of wines and brandies, we decided to add it to an imperial version of our original amber ale.

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